Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Life is moving fast right now, April seems so long ago and in a way it was.

Every spare moment I have - which isn't much - is spent on study. It is clunky and time consuming and a bit irritating, but I've just gotta get through it.

We had a low key Easter with family catch ups, good eating and chatter.

We finally got to see Ben Elton, after being postponed due to COVID, you can read about that here.

I also checked out French Faves, a new patisserie at Broadmeadow. They used to be at the markets and their food is divine, so I was so excited to visit them in an actual shop where they can expand on choice. Oh my!

Andrew and I met Cathy and Ed for lunch at Warnervale at the little cafe near the railway station. We had a great catch up and lunch and then meandered around to Norah Head and had a walk to the lighthouse, it was a glorious day.

Rathmines theatre has been doing monthly movies, so we headed out mid month to see 2001: a space odyssey. This film is such a delight, every viewing brings more to mind. It is timeless and easily the best science fiction film ever made. THe theatre was set up with little tables with a black tablecloth over it and a paper bag filled with goodies. There was little sealed glasses of wine, soft drinks, a big basket of blankets should we get cold. The atmosphere was lovely. ANd, as always we were in awe of Kubrick.

Mum headed in to hospital for a knee replacement, and we had a family dinner for my sister during that time, at the BBQ place at Wests, was an amazing meal.

French Friday returned, sans French market, and we caught the great film Bell Epoque with the gorgeous Daniel Auteil.

The end of the month was Oscar time, Oscar Oscar! Pushed back due to COVID, you can read all about the Oscars here, and here.

I also had a lovely post work walk at Greenpoint.

As usual the markets were visited.

My reviews for the month are here, a lot less than usual due to study.

And some photos to make you smile!

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