Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Beach Boys


I grew up with The Beach Boys - like most kids of baby boomers - and went through stages of loving, hating and liking them. These days I think I like some songs and only love a few others, but I do appreciate them. There is no question Brian is a genius, but like all geniuses, a little odd. I think he should have just stuck to staying in the studio and mucking around, I get really embarrassed when they wheel him out (I mean that figuratively, but I have a feeling I have seen him literally wheeled out!). He has no idea what is going on, or if he does, it certainly does not show. It is just sad...much like recent performances or so I have heard. They were always a studio band - I mean how can you replicate the Wall of Sound live??? Speaking of which, Spector obviously was plugged into the same drugs Brian was, although for all of Brian's foibles, at least he has not attempted to murder anyone!

This is pure and beautiful, I can never get enough of the orchestration and harmonies on this. Recently resurrected for the series, Big Love, week in and out I could listen and listen to this haunting tune. I would really love to have this arranged for choir!

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Vince said...

Yes, the ballads are the best. My favourite is 'Caroline No'. But the way in which sound and arrangements are layered in songs such as 'Good Vibrations' lay the foundations of contemporary recording methods.