Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Round Up, Part 1

February is here already, feels like it snuck up on me. But I have had a busy January as I have been steadily working on my 42 things to do while I'm 42. To be honest I have not been specifically trying to cross things off the list, I've just been busily going about my life and things have serendipitously sorted themselves out.
So let's see what I have managed so far:

4. Walk more and explore my own surroundings - this has been minor, but I did a rock pool walk at Boat Harbour. My sister and I took our niece and nephew while their parents were in Sydney. It was interesting and educational and a little bit challenging physically, plus I got to explore somewhere I had not been before. Mostly the extreme weather has been against me doing more exploring.

9. Go on a picnic - Yes!!! Up on Nobbys at the Lighthouse no less. And it was perfect...until the rain started.

17. Mini Breaks - one booked for Feb, I am meeting a friend in Port Macquarie for a weekend of girlie fun.

23. Spend more time with my niece and nephew - see Boat Harbour above and I had Mr 10 stay for the weekend mid Jan, we had heaps of fun.

26. Go to the Farmers Markets regularly - only been 2 at Lake Macquarie so far this year, one I went to, the other I worked.

30. Say no - Oh yes I have and I highly recommend as it felt amazing!

31. Have fun and laugh more at work - YES!!!
32. Live up to my Librarian of Leisure handle - pretty much, I have been busy but in a leisurely way.
33. Go to lots of fun social events - YES! The year has started well with a twitter lunch at The Landing with the most fabulous Anita Heiss. I've attended twitter breakfast at Peg's Cafe, dined out numerous times, gone to Summer Cinema at Nobbys, been to the movies, supped at Bar Petite, celebrated Australia Day at The Terrace bar, joined in a Drumming workshop and just had the most wondrous month.


34. Make sure those that mean the most to me know that they do - think I'm doing an ok job there. Let me know if you feel neglected!?!

36. Take time to do nothing and daydream more often - YES!
41. Have more fun - absolutely!
This is part 1, part 2 will let you know all the movies/DVDs I've seen, books I've read and music I've been listening to...stay tuned


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect - and I've got to join in on quite a few of these - yay!

Cathy said...

And perfect company you have been, thank you :)