Saturday, March 29, 2014


February - you seem so long ago and I thought you exhausted me, but truly you were gentle compared to March. Not complaining, well maybe a little, but life is too short not to grasp it and live it hard, but even I need a little down time to recharge my batteries!

The month commenced in Melbourne which is always a wonderful thing, but I wrote all about that in January's Round Up

When I returned from Melbourne I still had another week off work. I had a few days rest, babysitted my niece and nephew, and spent time at their property.

Brunched with L one day, S the next. Had a last look at Brett Whiteley at Newcastle Art Gallery, Caught up with N & V over Chinese, had dinner with A & J, and watched some movies. Did this really even happen, I can hardly remember it!?!

Oh and my friend, L, caused a media sensation and kinda saved the world with #SPCSunday! Proud as punch I am!

So I was well rested for my first week back at work which was the lead up to Library Lovers Day on Friday 14. We had events during the week culminating with a Movie Night on the big day. Our first movie night, the brainchild of my colleague, T, was well received with a lovely group of people all dressed in their fineries for a viewing of Strictly Ballroom.

Also during the week I went to my first GenXWomen event where L, B, and myself breakfasted with about 60 other women our age and listened to the fabulous Shirva Geepta talk. I had dinner at Bocados, Warners Bay with J, and sobbed my way through 12 Years a Slave. 

I had lunch and spent time with my family, had my first Bibliptweeps Bookclub for the year where we discussed The Book Thief, a modern classic by Markus Zusak. The afternoon turned to rain and I took my other book, Unbearable Lightness of Being, up to Bar Beach Carpark to read.

I then met with L and S for an evening at The Ocean Baths, and to see Diving Off the Edge of The World by Tantrum Theatre. What an experience, with dance, short plays, fun, a documentary and synchronised swimming at various locations around the stunning Deco Baths. We had a delightful time and even the weather held off (mostly) for us. We also indulged in the most amazing Pork Belly Burgers and Beetroot Scallops at Scotties prior to the show.

I also guest posted for the now sadly defunct iamnewcastle account. Hosted generously by my good friend M, I got to tell everyone over the course of a week about me and my connections to Newcastle. I really enjoyed this and got splendid feedback from those who were interested. I surprised myself by loving talking about past generations of my family, their influence on me and those around them. I reminisced about days gone by, things I got up to as a kid and a teen, and what I love about my surrounds now. It was a really great feeling to share such things.

My beloved Regal Cinema reopened, oh how I've counted down the days. I was lucky enough to gain an invite to the special opening night, I was thrilled to locate my chair with a special plaque on it. It is for everyone I know, so please go and have a seat on me!!! It is located on the right hand side as you look at the screen, three rows from the back right on the wall. Two days later, we returned, A, J, L and myself to see the fabulous Dallas Buyer's Club. Wow!!

In between we all went to see Frances Ha at the Carriage Shed Cinema, it was a crazy night but we managed Scottie's takeaway, some Pimms and an outdoor picnic prior to the film. We'd seen this film when it first came out and loved it so much, I think I enjoyed it even more the second time! It's about having great friends, so pleased I saw it with my great friends, J, L and A! And we checked out a cool new bar in the west end, The Edwards.

A and I also saw Nebraska, which we loved.

Reviews of Oscar movies watched this month can be read here.

Work was busy, I worked on a Dr Seuss display, went conferencing at Singleton, visited Lake Macquarie Art Gallery, and worked really hard to promote the Anita Heiss Tour.

Oh, and I bought a Ukulele...finally...


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

No wonder we're exhaustipated! What a month! x

Cathy said...

I reckon so!! But March is making February look rather boring and quiet!!! xo