Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Watch, Part Four: The Show

The Oscars are over for another year, much like Christmas the lead up takes forever and then before you know it they're gone!
The Winners

For the record I scored 20, which equals my 2009 top score, so I did well. I bummed out on the 2 Short Films (the hardest category to guess and I think I've only gotten them once or twice anyways) and The Original Score and Sound Mixing. Never mind.
So Gravity was the real winner of the evening, picking up most the technical awards, 7 in all, including Alfonso Cuaron for Best Director.
My favourite wins were Spike Jonze for the original screenplay of Her, I cannot think of a more original story ever than the magnificent Her, so was thrilled. And I think the audience were too, they gave him a standing ovation. I loved Catherine Martin grabbing another 2 Oscars making it a double double of 4 all up - now that's impressive. I was thrilled with all four acting awards and loved 12 Years A Slave won best picture. It was not my favourite, yet it was surely the most important film of the night...if ever!?!
There were no real surprises, everything was pretty much as you would imagine. I guess Jonze, and 12 Years winning Best Picture, were surprises as such, but pleasant ones.
The Speeches
Best speech was a tie between the Best Supporting roles - Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto for thoughtful, heart wrenching speeches regarding the subject matter of their films and also about following your dreams no matter what, and the people in their lives that inspired them to do so. Not exactly original I guess, but when you see the speeches you will agree.
"Our Cate" as she is forever known, was also incredibly eloquent and very Australian, and McConaughey was audacious in the right kind of way. Although I can see he is coping flack online for not acknowledging the subject matter of his film...I guess you can't please all the people all the time.
I also loved hearing the joy in Darlene Love's voice as she sang through part of the acceptance speech for 20 Feet From Stardom. And the winners of the Doco Short about the 110 yr old piano playing Holocaust survivor who had passed away only a week earlier.

The director of The Great Beauty thanked my hero, Fellini. I am yet to see the film, but could tell it was Fellini-esque, so was pleased to hear him thank the great man.
A lot of the above brought tears to my eyes, cause I'm a sook like that!
The Host
It was a good show and I thought Ellen kept things 'nice', she was Ellen, and there was nothing controversial, and she kept the show flowing.
I'm not complaining, but I like a spectacle and to be honest this year had nothing in terms of that!
The Good
Jim Carrey - always funny
Sally Field - always glorious
Karen O singing my favourite song, from Her
Kevin Spacey - cause Kevin Spacey!!
Sidney Poitier and Angelina Jolie (Oh, an aside, I think I have changed sides and joined Team Jolie!)
Kim Novak - cause KIM NOVAK, Vertigo and Hitchcock
Pink - who I can normally take or leave, was pretty pretty good singing Over the Rainbow
Idina Menzel singing - always a pleasure
The Bad
That happy song by the dude in the big hat and red plastic shoes. Urghhhh. I do love his stuff with Daft Punk, but that happy song makes me anything but for the kids I guess!?!
Will Smith presenting Best Picture...surely there was someone with gravitas out there???
Tyler Perry - Who?
Kim Novak - what has she done to that beautiful face?
Bette Midler singer Wind Beneath My Wings - I love Bette as The Divine Miss M, I was thrilled she was going to be in the show, had hoped for something way more sassy
The Ugly
Harrison Ford - not ugly in looks but ugly in manner or rather lack thereof. I do think he was channeling Clint Eastwood, or maybe he needs glasses, either way there as a lot of squinting AND as someone on Twitter said, Indiana Jones should not be wearing an earring
John Travolta - looking more plastic than ANYONE there and totally fucking up Idina Menzel's name - I mean she is Broadway royalty!!!!
My favourite moments
Lupito Nyong'o winning
Cate Blanchett winning
Spike Jonze Winning
BILL MURRAY -cause he's the freaking best
Ewan McGregor - cause he's gorgeous
Benedict Cumberbatch cause he's Benedict Cumberbatch
Group Selfie that broke Twitter
Whoopi's stockings and shoes
And so wraps up another year...stay tuned for Fashion next!!!

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