Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well this month has been challenging as the black dog has taken up inside of me again. I have written about this here before, and I know I am lucky as I usually can control it pretty well so as not to impact too much on my life. I know others are not so lucky. However it took hold strongly and I have had some dark moments this month. I have had the odd episode like this before, but not for a long, long time. I could see it coming and just could do nothing to stave it off this time. Sometimes you get through it quickly, other times you have to give into it...sigh.

With depression, and I hasten to add mine is usually quite mild, it comes in waves, sometimes for no real reason at all, sometimes something triggers it, it doesn't really matter how it begins, but moreso how you cope and how you banish it, and as I say I am lucky to be able to do that. I wouldn't say it is banished, but I do feel a million bucks on top of what I felt like at the beginning of the month. I write this not to make people feel sorry for me or uncomfortable, but to acknowledge, sometimes life is not rosy, and I think we will go through that from time to time. 

So yeah I have done a lot of sleeping (yet still so tired, this is common with the black dog!), a fair bit of sobbing (cathartic!), and unfortunately a lot of comfort eating. They have almost subsided. The whole thing is rather ironic given it is mental health month, lol! But revenge for depression is to try and keep your sense of humour...always!

Simultaneously the month started with the National Young Writer's Festival and you can read about my experience here. I also caught up with the fabulous C for brunch at III Bean and a bit of antiquing.

L, J, and I picnicked at Scotties and had a girly, chatty catch up. I also caught up with D, my oldest friend who I've known since Kindi, we walked and talked, drank at Bar Petite, and then caught the movie Gone Girl. Wow, I had not read the book, I tried, but it's just not the kind of thing I normally read. A colleague suggested just seeing the movie and I am glad I did. It was a great thriller, though I suspected the twist as such. Definitely not a date movie, and possibly rather a scary for anyone in a relationship they are having doubts about. I would call this the Fatal Attraction of this decade!

I also went to The Hop Factory for the first time and was impressed. It's a small bar with a cafe outlook, J & I had 'afternoon tea' there, it consisted of fries and aioli, beers, and crème brulee! We chatted and philosophised about love, life, and everything in between. Man, I love chats like that and am blessed to have friends of a similar headspace. Another first was heading to the Pork Ewe Deli at Mayfield. Oh my, it felt like I was back in Tuscany, amazing imported cold meats, cheeses, pates etc.

Work has been busy, I am doing our baby storytime this year, and really enjoying it. Those that know me, know babies aren't my thing, but it's a lovely group of young Mum's and some cute little bubs. Funnily enough the group is growing each week, so I must be doing something right! But I do love storytelling (it's the frustrated performer within I think) and molding young minds towards literature is always delightful! I have also taken on the project of managing our Christmas Closure and changes to new opening hours, which is a lot of work but a lovely change to my regular work. I do like mixing it up. 

And on a personal note, we have moved to a 9 day fortnight, which now means I have every second Monday off and I am loving it. Though my first two have been clogged up dealing with car stuff, getting electronic keys replaced (do not even ask, suffice to say take care of your keys, they are very very expensive to replace and very very time consuming) and car serviced!

We were lucky to have popular author, Graeme Simsion return to the library, this time to Belmont. S & I saw him almost 2 years ago at Charlestown Library just before The Rosie Project took off, so it was lovely for us to see him have so much success and yet seem not to have changed a bit. He was talking about his success since the first book and about his follow up, The Rosie Effect. It was utterly delightful, he is such an entertainer, and if you haven't read his books about Don Tillman, a 40 year old with possible Aspergers and his search for love, you simply must. Quirky and funny, and told with such kindness and love, it is one of the best popular novels I have read in a long time.

And our local retirement village, Tenison Apartments brought us another play late in the month. Danny's Doomed Love Drama, with three actors and a choir of stunning elderly voices, we were enchanted and brought to tears by this true story, crafted beautifully into a play by Kit, their activities officer.

A, L, & I took an impromptu night out to The Playhouse and saw Checklist for an Armed Robber. An outstanding short play about two devastating events, the theatre Siege in Kosovo some years back and an armed robbery on a local bookstore around the same time. 4 actors on stage with both sets side by side and lines sometimes going back and forth between the two plotlines. Despite the dramatic and tense undertones of the subject matter it was presented with great humour and the whole thing was thoroughly enjoyable.

At Bookclub we got our mojo back, after a few odd months of going off the boil, and had a lively and wonderful conversation about Z: a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler. You can read about it and other reviews here.

A, L, C & I headed off to Glendale for the premiere of Pride, and I cannot talk this brilliant little indie up enough. It was great for a first time director. A real feel good (but not in the usual twee way) movie based on a true story about the miner's strike in the mid 80s. A group of Gays and Lesbians form a group to raise money for the miners and an unlikely friendship is made. It has such heart, with humour, real drama, and a killer soundtrack. You simply MUST go and see this film!

My nephew turned 12! 12, where on earth did the years go, high school next year and nearly a teenager, but still time for cuddles with his aunt. This kid (and his sister) are my favourite people on the planet. We had a lovely family BBQ, laughs and fun.

I also bought myself a little something special, from the always amazing Blackbird Corner. If you do not know what this is, well, you need to take a long hard look at yourself!

My birthday is Boxing day (that is a blog onto itself!) and my friend M, Christmas Day (decidedly worse than mine), so our mutual friend S organised an early (or late) celebration for us, which really was just an excuse to get our wonderful group of gals together for a night out. And what fun we had, heading to Broadmeadow for Pinballs and Pizza. We hired the small back room for a small fee for 2 hours and had 7 machines of unlimited games. Breaking for the excellent pizzas midway. I highly recommend heading there for a night out with a difference, we had a blast.

As always some photos from my escapades... 

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