Thursday, December 31, 2015


Ahh December you came around very fast this year!

Work usually slows down in December, but not for me this year. With staff vacancies, back to back recruitment, functions and the like it was go go go until Christmas Eve. But I also celebrated 25 years of working, which is pretty amazing.

My dating continued until I pulled the plug for a break early December after a couple of unpleasant experiences. I will return in the new year with changes and see how it goes.

I’ve been mostly in a positive frame of mind, which at this time of the year is pretty good. It’s hard to be a single gal navigating the terrain around the holidays but I have managed pretty well I think.

December is all about celebrations, so A and B and I celebrated at The Star Hotel, lunch with T at Caves Beach Hotel, the family celebrated Dad’s birthday at Rosina’s Italian, I had lunch at Momo Cafe with A, J, and S. I also enjoyed Thai and the markets with C, caught up with J at Morpeth, celebrated with V and N at Milanos, and had work Christmas party at Foghorn. I even entertained my gals at Club Cathy – a first for the year! In between all this I managed some shopping and a beautician’s appointment.

I saw the brilliant new Star Wars film, not once but twice – firstly with family and then for my birthday. Yes, my Birthday is Boxing Day, a shitty day to have a birthday, but it could be worse. We had a lovely family meal at the Royale Inn at Waratah. The family also hit Hunter Valley Gardens to see their lights spectacular! Family celebrations over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were also lovely.

In the final days of the year, J and I had dinner at the Wicko, and met A and L for a dance to Fish Fry and Pow Wow, both were excellent. Then my trusty laptop died and I did the run around for a new one, set up etc...not without some minor drama...cause this is me, nothing ever runs smoothly...sigh...but all fixed now for 2016.

I spent a lovely afternoon and evening at MoneyPenny catching up with M and having a quiet reflective final day of the year catching up on this blog and thinking towards 2016.

Happy New Year to everyone, stay tuned for 2015 musings and 2016 thoughts.
Here are December Reviews and some Photography:

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