Sunday, December 20, 2015


Is it just me or did November come earlier than usual this year?

And flew by just as quick?

I always say once we are celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday (very early in Nov) it's all down-hill to Christmas!

November was hectic at work, with my 2ic being transferred to another branch and the staff member temporarily doing her jobs on holidays, I found myself juggling all three jobs with the fabulous assistance of my part-timers. I did pre-school visits - something I've not done in years - storytelling and puppeting and loving every minute of it...even though I was totally exhausted at the end of each day. I entertained schools, I was guest speaker at Caves Beach View Club, helped celebrate Star Wars, and began the recruitment of the 2ic position, all on top of my regular jobs. I'm still here to tell the story...just!

And in addition to all of that we launched what will be our top-line library program - Share the Story with Carol Duncan, our first event being Carol interviewing - as only she does best - the interesting Mark Tedeschi QC. It was a well attended afternoon at our Belmont Library, and with Wendy Whiteley as one of our guest early in the new year, a program that will continue to grow and shine.

I am still on my online dating thing, which is equal parts fun, amusing, terrifying, and a complete other words, every thing I thought it would be and more, lol. Look, I have no expectations and ever the romantic hope I meet someone IRL, as that is truly a better story, and I'm all about good stories! But hey, if I meet someone via an app, who cares, and in the meantime I have many other types of stories to write about....soooooo many stories!!!! Plus at my old age, I am picky, and in no hurry to find just anyone, this person is going to be (or at least I bloody hope so) the last one, so they had better be freaking good!!!!

So due to that and the festive period I ate out a lot, Verde Luna, Foghorn, Talulah, Eurobar, East End Hub (twice - their breakfasts are to die for!), Murrays beach Cafe, Das Haus Hund, The Lass, and sat for a bit at Peg's before I realised I had sorta kinda been stood up (one of those other types of stories!)

We celebrated the fabulous Ms A's birthday at The Movies - seeing the superb The Dressmaker, The Lass, AND Moneypenny!! Birthdays should be celebrated over a week, yes??

I did my usual market thing, at my regular - Speers Point, and at Broadmeadow, I also indulged myself with a Pedi, and did some actual shopping for Christmas etc.

I stayed at Js, not once but twice...always a delight, caught up R and C for their birthdays. And had C visit from Sydney.

That was for out Twitter Christmas Party at The Lass, and then there was The Mambo opening night!

I also sat still - surprisingly - and caught my breath, because all this rushing about is a recipe for bad mental health, and whilst I had my moments, I was a-ok.

The beach and lake are always great places for breath-catching, or on my lounge with a book.

You can read about what I have been reading, listening to, and watching here.

And I started a new project within this blog, Perfect Songs.

Oh, and I decorated Club Cathy for Christmas.

As always some photos from round and about.

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