Tuesday, March 8, 2016


What I’ve Been Watching

Inside Amy Schumer S1/2 – I really like Amy, there is something real and very charismatic about her. I like her sense of self and her feminism, sometimes she pushes a little far, but that is what a good comedian does. She is winsome and sweet and sassy and smart in Inside Amy Schumer. I guess it is not for everyone, but it did make me laugh and also nod my head in appreciation.

Saturday Night At The Movies – great three part documentary series about the history of cinema-going in Australia. Also the history of those beautiful old picture palaces!

Filmed in Supermarionation – the story behind the Andersons and their team behind The Thunderbirds and other series.

Minions  - this was silly and fun, but sometimes you need silly and fun!

Cinderella – I really loved this version directed by Kenneth Branagh with Cate Blanchett as the Step-Mother and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Fairy Godmother. It was funny and clever and beautifully shot.

Molly – I loved Samuel Johnson as Molly, this was a great mini series, although the first half was superior to the second and I felt they missed large chunks of his life.

The X-Files – I have been loving the reboot of The X-Files, it took a few episodes to find its groove but it is still there and Duchovny and Anderson definitely still have it!

The Family Law – I loved this little 6 episode Australia made comedy based on Benjamin Law’s book about his crazy family. It was lovely to see a great cast of Asian actors on our screen showing diversity and regularity side by side. The young actor playing Ben is a huge find and Ben’s mother is at wonderful and nutty as you imagine after reading the book!

What I’ve Been Reading

A Fine Romance by Candice Bergen – huge fan of Candice from her Murphy Brown days, this covers her life from meeting the late, great Louis Malle up until now. It covers their fine romance, the birth of her daughter, his death, and her meeting her new partner. It looks into her film career, the phenomenon that was Murphy Brown and her career on the other side of 50. I liked her honesty and her fierceness. She wasn’t always that way, Murphy Brown actually helped shape her as a woman and feminist, which I found fascinating!

The Curtain by Milan Kundera – this is the final in a trilogy of essay style talking books I have been listening to. Again Kundera pursues The Novel, art, culture, philosophy and everything in between. Highly recommend.

M Train by Patti Smith – while I made this made my top ten book of the year last year, no 2 I think, I hadn’t actually finished it! I have been slowly savouring it since I started it late December and it was our Feb Bibliotweeps Bookclub book. I cannot begin to tell you have much I loved this book, possibly even more so than Just Kids. It is not for everyone, but I loved this journey into the depths of her thoughts and life over the period of about a year. Her longing for her dead husband is beautiful and heart breaking, the minutia of her life fascinating, the trips she takes mindbending (pilgrimages to Frida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, Rockaway for good coffee etc), and her stillness meditative. I learnt so much a bout her inner being, I have always loved her, but this book made me realise we would be firm friends.

What I’ve Been Listening To

A New World by ELO – I got this recently on vinyl, pretty sure my Dad has it as every song was like an old friend. Just fabulous, I do love ELO. Great production values, huge orchestral sound, and fab lyrics...She really loves the way Puccini lays down a tune...yes, yes she does!!!!

40 years of Music from Triple J – This is an excellent 4 disc compilation, all the biggies from their history. A must for any indie music fan.

100 Greatest Australian Singles from the 60s – another multiple disc compilation that is a must. I heard songs I had forgotten even existed.

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