Friday, March 25, 2016

Perfect songs: Only You - Yazoo

I was watching some tele and Only You comes on and it made me realise this is a great candidate for a perfect song. Or one I’ll never tire of listening to!
I always loved Only You by Yazoo, a romantic sweet song with that 80s electronic edge to keep it from being too saccharine.
But when The Office (original version) used it in the final episode as Tim and Dawn’s song, it really resonated with me. It was the perfect song because it worked and was unexpected! And whilst I am not a sookie person I do appreciate romance done well, and that romance in that show was written so perfectly, that it had many people I know at their knees weaping, myself included and that song played a huge part in it.
It has that tinny electronic sound, this simplistic style juxtaposes against the yearning of the lyrics. And it somehow it actually holds up, it is as timeless now as it was in 1982.
Moyet’s voice is strong and powerful, yet gentle and calm. But it keeps steady and the keyboards get stronger and build rather than her vocals, which I think keeps it from being too over the top.
The lyrics and her voice are subtle and beautiful. It’s just one of those songs when you hear it you want more. Even the keyboard solo in the middle works.
It’s one of those timeless, perfect pop songs.


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