Monday, March 14, 2016


February was a little bit challenging, I did lots of great things, but also felt the weight of the world piling onto me by the month’s end.

Work continued to be crazy busy with my second new staff member commencing her traineeship. We had our 10th Anniversary Party which was loads of fun, with a magician, party games, and fun for the kids. There were a few minor things to resolve, but nothing new there. But an unpleasant incident with an unstable member of the public, and the unrelenting heat in that huge non air-conditioned building did take it’s toll on me.

I also had a few dramas with boys I say boys cause they sure as hell were not men. This dating caper has not been great the past few months, so I have rejigged a few things, pulled my cranky pants up high and called out some childish behaviour, sleazy behaviour, and good ole liars!  But I do feel a change in the air, so onwards I go!

So between that, some minor health things, and a very long fight with Telstra over non service, Well, I ended the month feeling a little low. As I write this I am pleased to say my bounce back didn’t take too long and I am feeling well and happy.  I guess it is important to acknowledge life is not all fun, we all have our moments, low points, and time we feel that putting one foot in front of each other is too hard. Having people to talk to that can help you is key, and knowing to look after yourself at that point is very important. Please know I am here for everyone if you are ever feeling like that, I know what it is like, my shoulders are wide and my ears open!

J, L and I saw The Incredible Feelzo: man of moderate talent for the fringe festival. This was a wonderful one man show filled with stories, humour, melancholy, death-defying feats, puppets, magic, and much more.

J, l, A and I headed to the Regal to honour Bowie in watching his Reality Tour from 2003 shown on the big screen. We were all still a little raw in our loss, so many tears were shed that night. It is still difficult to believe he is no longer around.

I finally caught up with my dear friend D, for a Christmas and birthday catch up, and to hear about her amazing overseas trip.

I began Yoga with C, it is not as relaxing as I thought, I am much more flexible than I thought, and it is a lot easier to do than I thought, but far more physical than I thought. Moral: don’t think so much and do!

I enjoyed Amy Dale and Candace Fox at our first Share the Story with Carol Duncan at Cardiff Library. Amazing evening, Fox is a star for sure, with her trajectory going through the roof as she is partnering with James Patterson in the near future. Both told many fascinating stories of crime and true crime, the genres they write about, not really one of my topics of interest, but Carol’s great interviewing skills and their vivacious chatter made it compelling.

I had a lovely walk exploring an area of Eleebana, and found a fab lookout hidden in the scrub.

I saw the new exhibition at Newcastle Art Gallery, Just Draw, which I highly recommend and a wonderful interactive play called Hello Stranger. Hello Stranger began on a bus, where we were transported to a secret location. We interacted lightly with the music, dance, and story as the evening progressed. At times it was a little confronting, but mostly it was thoroughly entertaining, and a really sharp, well produced play.

J and I ate at Saigon Feast, and I was back at Coal and Cedar with the gals and special guests, N and M.

L & I took a class in Crochet, which was much harder than it looks, but loads of fun. I am hoping to practice enough to commence a throw rug for my lounge room.

At Bookclub we chatted about Patti Smith’s M Train, which I loved.

And of course, the month ended on a high with The Academy Awards. Here are my predictions and how I went.

And some random pics...

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