Monday, April 10, 2017


March began with appalling singing and ended with joyous singing!

Our lovely twitter group had a Tweet Up at The Gallipoli Club Karaoke night. I’ve been singing on and off all my life, so I was kinda excited. But Karaoke is a much difference experience to real singing and coupled with my usual nerves, I was pretty bad. Yet, refusing to be defeated, I gave it three shots and improved marginally as the night progressed. But I guess the whole thing about Karaoke is, it’s not meant to be pretty. Having said that, there were some great performers within our group, and it was such a fun night.

I have been looking for an appropriate for me choir for years now and mid month one finally turned up. A great mix of popular, gospel, and world music with an emphasis on fun, and being casual, this was just what I was looking for. Also a lovely group of singers. It is a great leveller, beautiful for the soul, and just simply the most joyous thing I do!

I also attended my first Civic Theatre subscription for , the superb production of Jasper Jones. Having recently read the book, some of the more impacting scenes lost their edge a little, but it was still great storytelling and acting. The staging was simple but clever and worked so very much for this complex story.

At work I was flat chat and enjoying the cooler weather, I spent the month finalising recruitment for two new staff, and inducting and training them. A full team for the first time in ages, yes! We held the ever popular Cavalcade of Fashion, this time bridal gowns from 1880-1930. We were inundated with lovely seniors and these glorious gowns and accessories. I also commenced a TAFE based Leadership course, which I have found wonderful.

And I hosted Share the Story with Carol Duncan and Rosemarie Milsom at Toronto Library. What a great morning with fabulous women discussing intelligent and interesting topics.

My bestie returned after being away for 6 weeks, and it was so lovely to give her a hug and make sure she was ok. I headed up to my sister’s property for dinner, and met their new pets, two cute little piglets, Doris and Dottie. And I even fitted a date in mid month!!

On the health front, I felt really on top of the usual things that dog me, but I was super tired and exhausted, putting it down to the earlier months heat and lack of exercise I soldiered on until I found out I had anaemia! Back on the red meat and iron tabs I am getting there, slowly but surely!

I also had the extreme pleasure of seeing Martha Wainwright at Lizottes later in the month and a great literary adaptation of Dracula at the Civic Theatre.

I ended the month visiting lovely friends, T and J, in their new house, for dinner. What a great evening we had.

And as usual, the markets, loads of reading, watching, and listening, and some photography.

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