Sunday, April 30, 2017


I've always enjoyed Bob Evans , especially his first two albums, Suburban Kid and Suburban Songbook. 

Bob is actually Kevin Mitchell (frontman of Jebadiah, also great). Bob is more folksy, a little quirky, and is just him and a guitar.

He tours regularly, and I often think I should see him, but never have until this opportunity came up.

Aside: the reason for the opportunity was a little unpleasant, so I will try and keep it brief. When L and I saw Martha Wainwright at Lizottes, we had the most awful experience there in terms of service. They had seated other people in our allocated seats, which is a mistake, but it was how poorly they handled that mistake and how dreadfully we were treated which made up upset. So, I wrote an email of complaint. I don't like to do such things (I am a manager and have received such things, and they sting), but I keep it nice and just really hoped no one else would have such a terrible experience. 

I love Lizottes, and have been a firm supporter and promoter of them from Day 1. It feels like home to me, so I knew this experience was not normal...but still!
Lizottes contacted me and offered us tickets and dinner to any show we liked, something I did not expect, so we chose Bob. I'd like to say they redeemed themselves, but unfortunately we experience poor service again, not as bad as our previous experience, but poor nonetheless. I do not know what is happening at my favourite place, but it is sad. The food and music are still supreme, but I hope they sort out their service very soon!

Urgh, enough of that, I hate being negative!

I read a great article about Kevin/Bob before the concert. He said he is very much upset about the female/male balance, or rather imbalance, in the music industry, especially at festivals etc. So he will only accept females as his supporting performers at gigs.

And this meant we had the lovely and talented Amy Vee on first. What a delight she is, sweet and humble, and what a voice. Just Amy and a guitar and she had the audience in the palm of her hand!

And then Bob came on, with his trademark fairy lights around his guitar, a smile on his face, a joke ever at the ready. He has really perfected what I call the perfect troubadour feel. Guitar, voice, great stories, great musicality, and humour. A lot try and a lot fail, but he nails it. You hear this in his albums, but even more so live.

His voice is stunning, better live than recorded. He was humble and lovely, messing up a song, he just went with it and made it funnier. He took some requests, and mostly played older stuff which made me happy. But all the songs, whether they were old familiars or new ones, were great, listenable, and enjoyable.

Bob is a born performer, with stories behind the songs, stories of his life at home and on the road, and stories of fellow musicians.

Despite the poor service and a bizarre moment towards the end, {when this 'woman' squeezed her way right up to the front, only to ask him to play a cover of You're the Voice by John Farkham!?! She was wearing a fitted mottled denim dress, so I guess that explains it all. He declined, looking a little exasperated. Most in the audience looked a little gobsmacked.} the night was a delight.

Great music, food, and company.

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