Friday, April 7, 2017


I have missed seeing Martha Wainwright more times than I care to think, so I wasn't missing out this time!

I got the tickets for L and I last November and it kinda snuck up on us, in the loveliest way.

So we headed to Lizotte's anticipating an excellent evening.

Martha was excellent, but unfortunately we received the most appalling service when we arrived to find someone else sitting in our seats. How such a mistake could happen is bizarre, but it was their treatment of us during this situation that was incredibly upsetting. So much so, I ended up writing an email of complaint, which I hated, cause there is nothing worse. But nonetheless I did, and have felt listened to which is marvelous so kudos to them!

I love Lizotte's and have attended many a show there, mostly as it is the most perfect way to experience music and you don't seem to get the dopey drunken bogan fuckwits you seem to have at most other music venues. People are there to experience the music and well, the experience!

I will continue to attend Lizotte's but was upset this one annoyance almost marred a great night out.

Martha, however was magnificent. Light and breezy, friendly and sweet. 

And then her voice, hearing a recorded version of it is nothing, you need to hear Martha live, a little bit raw, but stunning and soaring.

She moved me to tears on more than one occasion. She did songs with just a guitar at the beginning and towards the end, and mostly with her small but tight band.

Most of the songs were from her new album, which I think is her best so far. It is a more cheery album, with many songs about her kids, one - my favourite - written by Rufus, it's a bit operatic, so I should have known.

But there was some old stuff, including my fave, Jimi, and a great rendition of Chelsea Hotel #2 towards the end.

She was happy and chatty (but not too much) in between songs, loving Australia, but missing her kids.

I could have listened to her forever, but before we knew it the night was over.

But the great thing about Lizotte's is they get the performer into the foyer to sell and sign merch. So I waited in line with all my CDs and got to meet her.

She was beautiful and sweet and kind and generous, she was pretty stoked I had all 6 of her albums, signed them all, gave me a hug and suffered a selfie!

My night was made, a good artist will always do that.

And despite an awful start to the evening, I drove home as you do late in the evening after a good gig, not much traffic, drizzly rain, your brain buzzing, your face smiling, and your soul totally enriched and lifted.

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