Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello 2014, one month down (and a bit) already and what a splendiferous month it has been!!!
I spent more time in Sydney this month than I have spent in years. When I was much younger I was in and out of Sydney all the time, enjoyed it, had fun, shopped even...but then I discovered Melbourne and it kinda paled in comparison. I still went and there is nothing like driving over the bridge and seeing the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, and hanging out around those areas, but it's all a bit splashy with no soul, money but no sense if you will!

But Melbourne, ahhh, there is something that makes me feel at home immediately, the art, the ease of moving about, the later starts, the trams, I even shop in Melbourne (not normally a fan of shopping) mostly as you feel like you are exploring and not shopping at all, the food, the laneways, the architecture and the's very European and cosmopolitan in a way Sydney just never will or can be.
Nonetheless I went to Sydney three weekends in a row.
First up was to see Sgt Peppers and Abbey Road played Back2Back by a range of Australian musicians at Sydney Opera House. We travelled down via Bobbin Head, had a wander and a meal at Circular Quay and loved the show.
The following weekend, we stayed overnight for Amanda Palmer's Sydney Festival Show, taking up the atmosphere at Hyde Park, before and after.
And then back the next Saturday for the Yoko Ono Exhibition and to see David Sedaris at Sydney Opera House, with a bit of chillaxing in between at the Garden Party just outside the Opera House.
The Australia Day weekend was relatively quieter, but the month was rounded out by a visit to Melbourne. I went with my good friend C and we had a blast. We saw shows and exhibitions, ate very well, and explored the streets and took photos.
Being the lead up to The Academy Awards, I have been also soaking up as many nominated films as I can.
I also saw The Secret life of Walter Mitty, which was lovely and sweet, I much prefer Ben Stiller in what I call his melancholy roles, it suits him better. Also two French Films as part of the Summer of Film Festival at The Towers, A Lady in Paris (starring Jean Moreau as a formidable older Estonian lady living in Paris but needing live in help, a black comedy with the usual French flair) and Looking For Hortense (another comedy with melancholy longing, affairs and double crossing was Tres Francais!).
As usual I've been out and about eating and being with my fabulous friends. We said hello to S with a group at Bar Petite, lunched at Beaumont Street with C, ate fish and chips in the mall, entertained B at Club Cathy, and had the most god awful meal and service at Pippis with M - thank goodness the company and alcohol was good - but won't be going back there in a hurry!

I also spent some time with my family, hanging with my niece and nephew, dinner with my parents.

The start to the working year has also been good, hectic in the right kind of way with many exciting projects that I am working on plus the usual stuff and all rather enjoyable.

Also managed a few walks and started a little photography project...more on that in weeks to come.


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