Saturday, February 8, 2014

Melbourne: Part Two

Eating out and about in Melbourne
Always a highlight of any trip to Melbourne is the amazing food. I have some places I always go back to and also love to try new spots.
Thursday night took us to an oldie but a goodie, Pancake Parlour. Located downstairs on Bourke Street Mall, is it a family friendly place and I must admit in need of a spruce up. However, the food is not bad, a little more expensive, smaller and not as good as I remember but it was still good.
We met M for brunch at Sunny Boy Cafe on Friday morning. It's a great little cafe tucked downstairs at Gurners Lane, off Collins Street, and only a few months old. It's a cute spot with a hipster vibe. I had smashed avocado and Feta on toast, and it was divine. Along with a fruit smoothie I was soon full. C had the blueberry pancakes and they looked amazing, M the almond Croissant. Later the lovely staff brought out a poached pear and rhubarb Brioche Muffin to try...oh my!
We actually went back the next day for more, but it was closed. We tried another cafe closeby and I had pulled pork, spinach, and eggs Benedict on toast which was pretty good.
Because we had been brunching around 11/12 we then had very late lunches or very early dinners or what I like to call First dinner and then a Second dinner much later, more like supper!
On Friday we found a new (to me) Dumping place to try for First dinner and along with their cold rice paper rolls. The Dumpings (chicken and prawn) were delicious BUT the cold rice paper rolls were out of this world! I cannot remember what it was called, but it was on Flinders Lane as you turned into Degreaves Street and was very popular!
Friday night's second dinner was at Timeout Cafe on Fed Square, we had Chorizo, potato, and caramelised pizza with cocktails and chatted and watched the world go by.
Of course a trip to Melbourne is not complete without a box of Little Cupcakes to munch on as the days progress.
For Saturday's first dinner, we had chips with Aioli and pulled pork sliders with Pimms at the Optic, the new restaurant/cafe/bar at the ACMI. And second dinner was quite the experience, we went to Lustre Bar, which is situated off Flinders Lane from another laneway, and overlooks Flinders Lane and Degreaves. I had always seen the balcony but not worked out how to get there. It was a small, funky bar, for late 20s to 40s I guess. Extensive cocktail and whisky menu, and small finger foods and they specialise in desserts. We had Aracini Balls and mini chicken and Camembert pies, followed by a dessert degustation to share, with a small selection of their best desserts...oh my! Plus some damn fine cocktails. Great music played in the background, they do have live Jazz there sometimes...not the night we were there, so I guess another trip is required.

For breakfast Sunday before we left we went to a favourite cafe, Caboose Kitchen, they do traditional meals so was the perfect place to get basic scrambled eggs and bacon!

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