Saturday, February 8, 2014

Melbourne: Part Three

The thing I most love to do in Melbourne is walk, explore, and look up. As a lover of architecture this city does it for me every single time. I have favourite buildings, alleys, and lanes I will always come back to But I also love to 'discover' new pieces.

So here are a selection of my favourites, new and old. They were taken on either my phone or my camera. I have a good 35mm camera, and the phone camera isn't bad either. I always keep things natural and authentic, no fancy settings, apps, or filters.

Laneways: they always thrill me, I love off the beaten track, places regular people don't go, quiet hidden gems. Melbourne has loads of them.

I've never noticed these lamps before just off Centre Place.

A graffitied laneway off Bourke Street Mall.

A Brett Whiteley like sculpture in a little plaza off Little Collins Street.

And this shot from Chapter House Lane I replicate almost every time I visit!

Art: there is always something arty to be found on the streets if you look.

Something these Rhinos in Federation Square for Melbourne Now.

Sculpture that has been there for years, and I must have walked past many times but only noticed this time.

The mannequins in Myers at dusk. 

This beauty on Swanston Street.

And the knitted and crocheted poles at the square on Swanston.

New Buildings: well, new ones I photographed this time.

This is the old Melbourne Safe Deposit on Queen Street.

And this beauty on the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets.

The façade of the former Martin and Pleasance building.

Still trying to place this one, near Bourke Street Mall/Swanston, I remember looking up and going wow, the crisp white tiles against the perfect blue sky!

And this, whilst I know the lovely Mercantile Building and the clock from Town Hall very well, I've never seen them at this angle.

The classics: and then there's the buildings that scream Melbourne.

Ethiad Stadium, caught from inside Spencer Street Station Skybus terminal.

The MCG and at night from under St Kilda Road Bridge.

Corners and reliefs at The Town Hall

The façade of The Atheneum Theatre

My personal favourite, The Forum

And the Post Office at dusk

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