Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Hey everyone,
I survived February and as I write this, I am currently on holidays!

So for those playing at home, February has been a pretty bad month for me the past two years. One week in the middle in particular.

Two years ago during that week I found out I had breast cancer and last year during the very same week I found out that during my work restructure I had been dropped two grades and no longer classified as a Librarian. And to be honest I have no idea which is worse. At least with the cancer I could place my faith in the medical profession to get me through...and they did. I was really lucky to have caught it really early through thorough and regular check ups. So please go and get your boobs checked.

The work thing is more far complex, I was lucky enough to retain a job, but a job far removed from what I was trained, educated, and used to doing. I am still working through this trauma. Being a Librarian WAS my life, my calling, my love. There are no words to describe the pain involved with this, and feels infinitely worse than when I was working through the cancer. I still work in libraries but it is very much back to basic and whilst I am still loving the work and trying to make the most of a dire situation, I have no idea where I am headed and at nearly 50 that is very frightening.

So it was lovely to get through the month without anything too traumatic or challenging happening this year! And working through the month, it was nice to know I had a break and a holiday waiting for me. During this past 2 years of hell, I have had breaks, mostly sick leave but some actual annual leave, and I had a few breaks away but no real actual holiday. So I have 5 weeks off and am headed to Adelaide (and Womad) for 2 weeks and then 1 week in Melbourne, with time at home ending with the Newcastle Writer's Festival. Whilst it doesn't sound like the most exciting holiday, it is exactly what I need. Time to chill, rest, walk, look up, be still, explore a new city in my own time, and mainline a LOT of culture!!!

But onto the month of February and what I got up to.

The month started with Oscar Watch and a lot of film going. 
I saw JoJo Rabbit, The Joker, Ford V Ferrari, and 1917.

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I caught up with my lovely friend Di at The Surfhouse, mid month, we had a lovely lunch and chatter. I have known Di since Kindi, so we've always plenty to chat about.

Libraries celebrate Library Lovers Day on February 14th and we decorated the library, bought some red heart lollypops, and encouraged our customers to write about their love of libraries and books. It was a lovely day.

I finally got to a Chat 10, Looks 3 Live Podcast. It is one of my favourite podcasts with Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb chatting about all things cultural. Watching them live in person was sheer joy. I know we'd be firm friends. They were funny, dramatic, and so super intelligent and lovely, I was in heaven. Early on in their podcast, they referenced their assistant as Cathy the Librarian, she was really Brenda, but she WAS a Librarian. I often pretended they were talking about me. So when we lined up to meet them after the show, I couldn't resist telling them that, and they loved it and still let me have a pic with them!

I saw Emma with Belinda and just loved it! I am an Austen fan and a fan of period drama done well. It was beautifully filmed and the set design and costume design stunning. It was fun and made you feel happy and also have a laugh. The cast were young and fresh and Bill Nighy adorable as Emma's father. It was indeed swoon worthy, loads of pastels, lovely outside scenary, lavish feast scenes, beautiful jewels and on and on.

We farewelled another colleague at Pippys. She will be very much missed and I always enjoyed working my Saturdays with her. I am sure she will have a lovely retirement.

The final day of the month was the first day of my holidays and I me,t my bestie at a great new cafe at Marks Point, The Captain and the Crew. They do an amazing all day breakfast menu. I had the Ricotta Hotcakes with granola and berries. Absolutely delicious, lovely service, nice atmosphere, and everything looked great. Wonderful chatter goes without saying, we'll be back.

It was also our first day back to Bibliptweeps Book Club, I finished the book literally in time to walk out the door to attend. It was The Friend by Sigrid Nunez and you can read my thoughts about it in my monthly reviews blog.

That evening I met friends at Mayfield Bowlo for dinner and a dance to our fave band, Yes Commissioner. The food was pub standard but good, the venue left a lot to be desired with the band room right near the 'smoking room' and the smoke billowed out and was almost unbearable plus it was super hot. When we moved closer to the air con and away from the smoke the night improved. The band was on fire, one of the best gigs I have seen them play in ages. They are always great, but this was super great. And what I love most is their followers. All older, say 45 to 60ish in age, ageing punks, rockers, goths just loving the music. Absolutely glorious, and the music is 80s indie, The Cure, Talking Heads, Bowie, The Ramones, The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Sex Pistols etc.  They ended with a punkish version of the Batman Theme and there were many variations of The Batusi on the dancefloor!!

There was the usual markets and some photography.

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