Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Augie March


I have seen them live and really like them, and the feel of their music. Glenn, the lead singer is rather cute also. I cannot say - with the exception of the chosen song - that any other song really stands out for me. They are just one of those nice, melodic bands that are easy to listen to but nothing too special....excepting for...

TRACK EIGHT: One Crowded Hour
The winner of many awards and deservedly so. Augie March are not like other one hit wonders mentioned here, yet this is their ONE BIG HIT - but how can you top it? As said previously, their other songs are nothing to be ashamed of and I enjoy them, but this is one special song! It is also one of my two favourite types of songs the perfect melancholy ballad.(the other being rock'n'roll as demonstrated earlier by You shook me all night long). Like any good ballad, it starts slow, soft, just a guitar melody with stunning lyrics that transport you directly to the intention of the song. The it builds slowly, stronger, faster, the rest of the band joins the vocals and guitars. There is not a bum note, or an unnecessary word. I listen to this song and shiver, I understand exactly what he is singing and I always admire someone who seemingly effortlessly squeezes fat, full, many lyrics into a tune and pull it off - they do! "One crowded hour...could lead to my wreck and ruin"....ahhhh that's love! Some facts about this song is that is was written at Deborah Conway's house (but, of course) as an exercise in trying to write the classic 60s pop-ballad. I think he suceeded - what about you?

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