Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christine Aguilera and A-HA


A funny one to add, was never really a fan of Aguilera until I saw her do a James Brown tribute at the Grammys a few years back. I cannot even remember what she sang now (A mans mans mans world maybe?) but she just killed it, I was awestruck - she looked hot and sounded better. I grabbed myself a copy of Stripped and really loved it. In particular, Beautiful, but that has been overdone these days. I just wish she didn't dress so trashy, cause when she dresses herself up she looks stunning...what is it with kids these days???

Great sassy, brassy song that takes you to another time. It is old style yet modern at the same time, fat horns and fat vocals - she makes it seem easy (and no, it is not). I just want to get up and swing when I hear this and really wish I could pull off those vocals.


I really do not have much to say about this group, and I do not think I even liked them much when they were out, but their only major hit was an instant classic... you may disagree?

TRACK FIVE: Take on me
Ahh, the electronics of the 80s! Another great pop song, lush sound and great, searing vocals...and okay, pretty kitsch...but I think it still holds up to the test of the time when you hear it. Yes, I even went to the trouble of backing up a copy of A-ha, the singles, 1984-2004. This amuses me to no end, as I really only got it for this one single, not much else stands out and they call it 1984-2004, like maybe, just maybe there might be more...crack me up. Anyway, I like to try and reach the high notes in this song - I cannot, but you know, maybe one day...

I saw Dave McCormack at the Cambridge a few years back (sans Custard) and he played this song...funniest thing I had seen in years. He was excellent - as you can imagine - played everything you wanted to hear and was very witty in between and was talking about covers and this came up. I was gobsmacked, he can hit high notes but surely he was not going to attempt this. No, he did not, he brought out a copy of the actual song, played it to us, drank a glass of red and mimed some funny stuff and was hilarious. Writing this I realise it was a "you had to be there" thing...but anyways....whenever I hear this song (which I liked prior to that moment) I always think of Dave...and that's never a bad thing :)

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