Friday, April 18, 2014

Newcastle Writers Festival Overview

Oh My, what a wonderful weekend I had at the Newcastle Writer's Festival. Last years inaugural festival was an incredibly busy and great weekend, this year I spread myself out a little more, covered more but not as intensely.
I have blogged in detail about each part of the festival, and there are links in this blog to those separate blogs if you wish to read further. I am mindful of my blogs being long, something you can read about further in Part 6! So basically rather than 1 long essay, I have written 6 shorter blogs, 7 if you include this overview!
On Friday I spent time with my nephew going to 2 of the children's sessions and they were fabulous, you can read about our experiences with Tristan Bancks and Oliver Phommavanh in Part One, Children's Friday.

That evening B and I attended Opening Night with Wendy Harmer.

The next day I attended 2 back to back sessions with local writers, Part 3 - Saturday
And that night we laughed till we cried with the brilliant Dear Diary session at The Edwards.

The next day was only two sessions, but two very full on sessions.
The first, 500 Words, my experience at the Newcastle Writer's Festival, is just that, a short look at my own participation that morning with 13 other fabulous local writers.

And the second, I Blog, Therefore I Am, featuring good friends Carol Duncan and Linda Drummond, with a sidebar of the evolution of this very blog and how the session influenced and inspired me.


Weekends like this are incredibly important for the soul. Words to me are my life, whether read, spoken or heard. As a Librarian I cannot begin to say how they have shaped my life and continue to do so. I can't wait for next years festival, scheduled for 20-22 March. If you haven't experienced this festival, you simply must!

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