Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sistas Doing It For themselves: The Anita Heiss/Lisa Heidke Tour 2014

As you probably gathered I had an extremely busy and fabulous time hosting Anita Heiss on her Tiddas book tour. I am lucky enough to call Anita a friend, and met her just over a year ago through another fabulous friend, Susan. When Anita contacted me and asked me to do this late last year I was thrilled and honoured...and a little bit scared. But I said Yes!
So I have been working on it ever since, assisted by my great team at Swansea and other colleagues, and annoying the hell out of Anita with fifty bajillion emails.
Along the way, Anita decided to bring fellow chick lit author and friend, Lisa Heidke with her. Double the fun, and so it was!

To make the most of their visit, we planned three separate events over two days. This was a huge undertaking and something new as we organised two evening functions in venues outside of the library. Plus I organised two separate private functions for Anita and her friends. 
The first event was held at Charlestown Library, and Anita and Lisa charmed our audience with their beautiful friendship. They spoke about the writing process, how they research their books, their writing styles, and the editing process. They both had different perspectives and styles and habits, which made for a fascinating conversation. Their true friendship and knowledge of their profession shone through. The afternoon included book signings and a chance for those attending to get up close and personal with the ladies and ask them questions. 

That evening, a crowd turned up at Lake Macquarie Art Gallery to attend the Hunter Region Tiddas book launch. Lisa Heidke was MC for the evening and Carol Duncan from ABC 1233 Radio launched the book. It was a great evening with the Gallery and surrounds as a beautiful backdrop. Plenty of chatter, wine, cheese, and cake added to the elegance of then evening. Lisa and Carol spoke about Anita with humour, love, and respect, especially regarding some of the challenges Anita has to face in her day to day life. Anita responded with eloquence and grace and spoke about her book and characters. It was a fun and entertaining evening.

The next day a group of us met at Rustica for lunch and a relax. We had lots of laughs and conversations, over drinks and the fabulous Rustica food.

That evening we celebrated women’s literature with Sistas doing it for themselves at a Function Room and bar overlooking Lake Macquarie. A lovely group of women took the chance to frock up and join us for canap├ęs, drinks, and chocolate. Anita and Lisa read from their book, and entertained us with their charm and humour, before opening the room up to questions and discussions. The evening was loads of fun, with all of us enjoying an evening of conversation and laughs.

Afterwards some of headed to Le Passe Temps for a private after party to celebrate the end of a great couple of days and our endearing friendships.
I think I am still recovering, organising something like that is huge, but I am beyond thrilled with how well it all turned out.
Anita and Lisa were such fun to host and have around, I miss them dearly. They are the testament of finding your flock, great friends, but only recently so. 
And Anita's book, Tiddas, it is her finest yet. A great tale about 5 fabulous friends, stay tuned for my next book update for a proper review. In the meantime, go find yourself a copy and read it for yourself!
And I have to end by thanking all my fabulous friends, you listened and gave me advice, and helped me out throughout these past few months, and I am eternally grateful, you all know who you are. You are just incredibly special people!


Dr Anita Heiss said...

Cathy it was so wonderful to see The Hunter through the literary / library experience. Thank you for hosting Lisa and I. So many wonderful memories with our tiddas there.

Cathy said...

Thanks Anita. But without you both being so amazing it would have been nothing!! xo