Friday, April 18, 2014

Newcastle Writers Festival - Part 4: Saturday Evening

The Saturday evening session was Dear Diary: an evening of over sharing, at The Edwards. A, S, L & I joined Summer Land and Jack Ellis for dinner, ordering an array of their finger food dishes. And then moved to the set up area for the show stopper of the weekend. 5 authors were going to read from their childhood or teen diaries! Dominic Knight was hosting and we were in for a wild ride.

Jeff Apter, author of many Australian rock bios, went first. He read a few varying entries from his late teens, where he was already writing about the music scene without even realising, going to clubs and drinking and delving into other bits and pieces, his was an interesting read and funny. Especially as he seemed to have little recollection of most of it.
Linda Jaivin read about her younger years mixing in waspy company in the US, very funny, very earnest, and of course charged with sexuality.
Tim Ferguson read some angsty teen poetry, and then read a couple of entries from his dairy whilst touring with DAAS in Edinburgh in his early 20s.
Monica Dux, the only participant I didn't know was the best. Her entries from her later teen years and her yearning and sexual thoughts as a slightly prudish catholic girl, had us rolling in the aisles with tears running down our faces. Her delivery of said pieces as also superb.
Summer Land took us on a very open and honest romp as you would expect, through her tween and early teen years, including how she accidentally lost her virginity. Again hilarious and well delivered.

After some drinks and mingling afterwards, we headed home as tomorrow morning was going to be big!

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