Friday, April 18, 2014

Newcastle Writers Festival - Part 3: Saturday

I only attended two sessions Saturday. They were back to back at City Hall, and were both equal parts inspiring and entertaining.
I realised all the day time events I went to this year were local authors and writers. I think it's nice to support those that are local, and we have so much talent in the city, it's nice to share in the excitement. I was also solo at these events.
Session 1 was Rough and Tumblr.

Siobhan Curran talked about her blog, Novocastrian Tales, and it's evolution over the years, why she started it up and what she likes to include. Siobhan is a generous promoter of all things cultural and arty in Newcastle. Her blog showcases this in her own unique way.
Michael Newton showed pictures from his tumblr, Showbag. Michael says he is an amateur photographer but the photos displayed would suggest otherwise. The photos are mostly of Newcastle and from a very interesting perspective. He was also the most wondrous presenter, delighting the audience with his light wit and snappy one liners.
Mark MacLean talked about his blog, Hamilton North, and subsequent books. I like this blog where he travels pretty much the same route, along Styx Creek with his dog in tow and describes what he sees. It is fascinating, and as he made an interesting comment about repetition which I cannot remember exactly, but something like after a while there is beauty in repetition and once you read his blog, you'll absolutely agree.
Session 2 was Wordy Women

Wordy Women was four creative writing PhD students from the Uni reading from their work in progress. It was a very inspiring session, and I found myself taking lots of notes, not so much on what the ladies were reading, but ideas I got from listening to them read. It's hard to explain and also sounds like I was being disrespectful, but not at all. I loved each and every one of the stories, but found phrases or subject matter triggered ideas in my own mind. It seemed wasteful not to write them down.
After back to back sessions, I took a wander in Civic Park. There was much happening, families running about, people picnicing, and outside the library storytelling, coffee carts, and a BBQ set up.  There was another late session I had my eye on, but decided to grab a sausage sandwich and zip home for a nap before heading out to the evening event.


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