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Mention Bjork and everyone has a comment or view, even if it is only about her Swan dress at The Oscars that year! I happen to like Bjork a lot, I like her individuality and the strength of her convictions to continue to march to the beat of her own drum...people like Bjork will always appeal to me.

I also happen to like most of her music, I am not an ardent fan, there are some tracks that do sound like fingernails down a chalk board, but there are some tracks that are simply sublime...like all art, there are hits and misses.

I always enjoyed The Sugarcubes vivacious pop, but it was with the wonderful solo outing Debut that I really 'discovered' Bjork. Unusual with an eclectic mix of pop, odd sounds and jazz, it was like an awakening for the ears. The follow up, Post, featuring another favourite, It's oh so quiet, is also a great album.

I was lucky enough to see Bjork live, back in the 1994, at the third Big Day Out. The height of her popularlity, in a white deconstructed 'dress', she headlined and tore the show apart!

TRACK TEN: Human Behaviour
I chose Human Behaviour for this project as it is one of those perfectly formed tunes. From the catchy percussion introduction with her note perfect Soprano voice sounding oh so sexy and sultry, it draws you in. The guitars slowly join the rhythm and the song builds beautifully. A song you can dance to and if you dare, sing along with. And just when you get into the rhythm, it backs off, slows down and quietens, until her voice bursts back in. And up and down it goes, seemingly unpredictable. Then add in a funky guitar riff, a slow down to almost nothing and back it goes again. I will never tire of this song.

Here is a link to the sorta bastardised Goldilocks and The Three Bears filmclip directed by Michael Gondry.

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