Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I started this project as part of this blog back in August 2009. I decided to go through my music alphabetically by artist (well, that is how they are shelved...such a Librarian) and make compilation CDs of all my favourite tunes*.

The Best of Best of Best of's if you will.

I also decided to blog about why I choose each artist/song as part of the project. It's funny, sometimes the choices hold up, other times I cannot believe I omitted some songs for others...I guess it was where I was at...at the time!

As far as the discs go I am still only up to Creedance Clearwater Revival (6 Discs to get to there!) and today I got my posts up to Bowie....got a long way to go, I will try to be more regular with updates!!!

*I am only using albums from my A-Z CD run - so that does not include soundtracks, classical, jazz and other compilations (or cassettes and vinyl)...they can be another project!

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