Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Deborah Harry - everything has already been said! I do adore her, I love her sassy snap and cool punk spirit. I have always wanted to do her blonde/black dipped bob (bit too old for that now methinks) and then there is her voice...smooth, cute, innocent and sexy all at once.

TRACK THIRTEEN: In the flesh
This I remember from my Countdown days and the story is it was a B-side that Molly played accidentally (oh Molly, how we love you so!). Very different from their other punky tunes, an instant hit and secured Blondie star status in Australia. I choose In the flesh over other songs as it is just a great song to sing-a-long to! I actually cannot believe I did not include Rapture, cause I do love that song and the clip (will add it below...just because).

Great clip for In the Flesh - not seen this in years, maybe this is where I got my love of Berets from...she looks so cool!!

Here is Rapture - don't get much cooler than this!

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