Sunday, December 4, 2016


I cannot remember when I came across Banksy, it was a long while back. I was immediately amused and attracted.

I think it was the pieces he did on the wall in the Middle East - flowers and balloons and other items of delight.

I kept my eye open for articles on him, although 'he' could be a she, old, young, black, white, who knows...and I love that...and I never want to know!

Although it seems likely he is middle aged male, lol!

And then I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop and was completely in love. I love a good mystery and a good hoodwink, and he does both in spades!

When I heard there was going to be an exhibit whilst I was in Melbourne, I was beside myself.

How would they do it, what would be included.

It is more later pieces and a few classic, in a huge tent a the back of the Fed Square carpark, a bit of a hike to find...I imagined Banksy somewhere laughing at all these lefties wandering about blindly trying to find the entrance!

Once inside it took on the form of a deserted subway and it was fab.

And of course, we exited through the gift shop!

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