Sunday, December 4, 2016


I've gotta be honest, Australiana in Art kinda does nothing for me. I appreciate it, but i don't love it. I prefer something a little left of centre and John Olsen certainly provides that.

However, I really didn't know his works that well until I had the extreme pleasure of the large exhibition at the Ian Potter Centre on Federation Square.

And this exhibit was HUGE!!!!

I loved his use of colour and abstract and spent time looking closely at each piece.

Early in there were large lounge chairs to snuggle in and look up at pieces attached to the roof. I could have laid there all day and soaked up his brilliance.

Mostly there were the large paintings we all know, and more than you can ever imagine. But there were small sketchings, prolific notebooks open at specific pages, ceramics and much much more.

ABout halfway through there was a darkish room with a small video of John, ever smiling that cheeky smile chatting about his art and inspiration. In the corner was a selection of coloured pencils, eisels, and pieces of paper with a small sketch by Olsen, inviting anyone to pick up and draw a picture with him!! 

I was sitting taking a break and watching the film when my friend L entered, squeed with excitement and took up drawing, she was having so much fun I had to partake and it was delightful and relaxing and I could have stayed there all day. 

This exhibit is on for a little while but will be at NSW Art  Gallery next year and I urge everyone to go an see this exhibit, it is stunning.

Funnily enough, my local Gallery, has a smaller exhibit of his on at present, and I will blog about that experience later. So please go and check that one out too!

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