Monday, December 5, 2016


Now, I do not know the Sydney collection anywhere near as well as the Melbourne one, but it is a very good one.

Again, here are my favourites, from the permanent collection:

Firstly, the building, what a stunner!

And the surrounding sculptures

Classically sublime

Whiteley, it's always about his choice of colour for me
And cornflower blue is a fave.

John Olsen,
Woah, this just grabs you plus the colours!

Sidney Nolan
Simply a classic, how can you not love this!?!

Grace Cossington Smith
Such beauty

Grace Cossington Smith
Such detail, so pretty

Weird sculptures
Sculpture should be strange and all encompassing

Russell Drysdale
Such a unique perspective

Lloyd Rees
Such detail in his landscapes

Dobell's Olley
So fabulous, look at her face!!!

And Olley's Portait in the Mirror
So much detail in his paintings, 
it's often the surrounds you find more in

Grace Cossington Smith
her pastels are unlike no other

Margaret Preston
her flowers!!!

Grace Cossington Smith
The Reader, I guess there is no need for why this appeals!

Foyer beauty

Marvelous sculptures

So different, a bit stormy

so lovely

Gorgeous gal!

Frederick McCubbin

Lovely relaxing beach, great colours

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