Sunday, December 18, 2016

This was my second visit to Melbourne this year.
I do try to get to Melbourne at least once and this was my scheduled visit. I had added an extra one earlier to catch a few things that would no longer be on during this visit.
November is a great time to visit Melbourne, before school hols, before it gets too hot and usually loads of art to see and this visit was no exception.

I stayed in the lovely boutique hotel on Little Bourke Street I stayed in a few months back. It is a great part of town and I could continue my explorations there.

I finally met a good Twitter friend L, introduced to me online via one of my Melbourne friends, M. Of course, like all Tweeps, she was fabulous and a great holiday companion, staying right around the corner from me!

We were both there for a week and for above mentioned mutual friend M's 60th birthday.

After arriving late Saturday, we headed to China Town, which was right near to where we were staying and had a great meal, a wander for supplies, and an early night.

Sunday was M's party and we headed to Flinders to catch the train out to this sweet little cafe where we had an amazing high tea, plenty to drink, fabulous people to chatter to, and a lovely time.

We did a lot of galleries and exhibits as mentioned, but also checked out some great restaurants, cafes, bars. Highlights included ACMI Cafe, Gingerboy, Madame Brussells, Time Out Cafe, Pickett's Deli, Shan Dong MaMa.

We also explored inside St Paul's Cathedral, something neither of us had done despite being regular visitors to Melbourne.

I've never been much of a shopper, but the laneway experiences in Melbourne are divine and I find myself wandering and purchasing this and that.

Degreaves and St Kilda are touchstones for food and shopping, and just hanging out and watching the world go by.

Caught up with M, S, and A for dumplings then cocktails and had a blast.

And spent the day at South Melbourne Markets for a shop and lunch.

Our final night was at an after hours Art Gallery event, seeing some exhibitions and Custard play live. 

What a great way to end a great week away.

I came home feeling relaxed and happy and ready to have another three weeks off work!!!

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