Sunday, December 4, 2016


I've always enjoyed Hockney, he has a good sense of fun and humour about Art and loves giving a bit of a FU to establishment.

As he has aged he has gotten more prolific, this display of his later works being no exception. I was blown away at his range.

He has discovered digital devices and how they can be used in art, to take photos of for later, to use for film, and to actually draw on.

The first part of this very extenstive exhibit had i-phones with small slideshows of art he drew on them. Each phone displayed different slideshows, there were many phones. Some of the pics were printed off and blown up, then there were i-pads which he found better and he uses a stylis. A lot of these were basic - but still better than you or I could draw - his intense use of colour mind blowing. Some were simple messages he had sent people but 'arted' up.

Then we went to bigger pieces, some using digital, some actually drawn, most didn't really differ in style. Lots of interactive and moving pieces and because of it's simplicity I found myself rather inspired.

Another section were portraits, he had lined up 80 something portraits over 3 years, each taking 3 days, with a day or two rest in between. the background and chair and style were similar the person obviously not. He would have started this huge project in his late 70s. Remarkable.

And on it went with moving images, films he took representing some of the things he just cannot capture in his art, but honestly he captured everything.

Mostly featured were trees and nature, the outdoors, all seasons and just beautiful.

If you are in Melbourne you MUST go and see this one. I was there opening night and was super impressed.

I cannot believe for such a large exhibition how very little pics I took!

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