Saturday, December 31, 2016


Ahhhhh December!!!

You are Dickensian, the best of times, the worst of times.

Seriously, it was the best December I've had in a long long time.

It started on holidays and was full of joy and fun and festivities!

Of course that last week of the month/year can be intense. It is for most people I think, but given my birthday also falls in that week, it means extra scrutiny! From me, of course, those big events always bring my introspection to the forefront and this year was no exception. 

So I had a few melancholy moments, but that's ok I think. It's very difficult to be one person - no partner, no kids - generally, but most certainly at this time of the year. SM is full of photos and fun and families and couples. And I genuinely wish them all the happiness in the world, but it does make me feel sad not to have those experiences. 

But I try not to let such things knock me around too much, and try and accentuate the positives, as the song goes. Plus I have great family and friends who listen and help me through these patches!

So December started with a long overdue hair cut and then a short road trip to The Entrance where I had a few days of quiet before heading back to work. It was lovely down there, loads of fab restaurants, beaches, channels etc. I must go there more regularly.

 I came home to have Christmas lunch and belated birthday celebrations with R at Greenroof. Excellent lunch there and even better company.

And spent my final day of holidays in Newcastle with a lovely lunch at East End Hub.

Then it was less then three weeks of work before 10 days off while we close over the Christmas/ New Year break. It was a very relaxed but full three weeks. But I feel ready for my lovely team to grab 2017 and make it great!

We celebrated my Dad's birthday at our local pub, J and I had a Christmas get together at Poppys. I caught up with A, B, and T at Cannon. N and V at Warners Bay Hotel. And had the most amazing meal at the Ethiopian restaurant with my gals. 

C, E, and I saw Rogue One which was fabulous, followed by Grilld, which is always great.

I headed up to my sister's property Christmas Eve for family festivities through to Christmas afternoon. Christmas Night spent quietly at my parents.

My Birthday is Boxing Day, so after a lovely sleep in and a breakfast of leftover trifle, C collected me and we saw La La Land, which was divine, followed by a late lunch at The Mattara, then a family dinner at The Duke. Spoilt rotten and was a good day.

The heat in the few days leading up to NY was horrendous, I don't do summer well I must say. But I did manage a trip to The Entrance for a lunch date and a catch up with a good friend at Foghorn. Mostly I lay on the couch watching DVDs and napping under the air con!

As always here are my reviews...

Stay tuned over the next few days for my 2016 Round Up, best ofs, and thoughts about 2017!

and some pretty pics...

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