Monday, December 5, 2016


When I was in Melbourne last year I spent extra time doing the entire NGV and Ian Potter Centre's regular collections.

Now I have seen these collections many, many times over the years but not spent time looking at everything in one go for some time. 

I had become very familiar with certain sections and pieces and would stop by from time to time and given the collection is so expansive and amazing I thought I would do a little tour again and take pics of my fave pieces just to show anyone who has not had the pleasure of visiting these galleries how wonderful they really are!

And so, here they are my faves from the NGV.

Italian Renaissance Bronze by Campagna C 1605
I just think they are delightful and whimsical and everything!

A dish from Italy circa 1520 but isn't she just gorgeous!

Italian table, English mirror, circa 1730/60
Just stunning together and hey bonus me if you look carefully.

The Countess of Southampton - 
she looks like she has some tales to tell
Van Dyck, 1640.

A little coverlet from England, metallic silk and thread.  
So very pretty and shiny!

Ahhh the Egyptian section, 
I am always drawn to anything Egyptian in museums!

Love this little dude from Central Mexico.

Warhol, self portrait

Possibly my favourite painting in the entire world, 
or at least in this collection.
Picasso's Weeping Woman.
I love her more than I can say, 
those shades of greens mixed with the hankie background 
and melancholy, I feel we would have much to talk about.

Balthus Nude from 1949
I just love how relaxed and couldn't care less she looks, 
we should all have moments of zen like this!

Bonnard, Siesta
I discovered Pierre Bonnard at The Guggenheim, I had not heard of him but he is the godfather of Impressionism, Monet took instruction from him. His Impressionism is more subtle but still beautiful.
I love this as it is so me, I love a nap or a siesta.
And I wish I looked that good having one, lol!

A Monet from 1879, stunning

Pissaro's Boulevard Montmarte
I could look at this intricate work all day and now I can say I have walked that street!

Rodin, small version of The Thinker
Of course I have seen the original larger piece in Paris!

1880s, Head of a Man
Controversial as looks like a Van Gogh and was bought as a Van Gogh 
but was determined NOT a Van Gogh by the Van Gogh Museum.
Still an excellent painting!

Tsar Candelabra by Baccarat
Designed from Russian details, and once stood in the foyer of the Capitol Theatre, Melbourne
I just love these pieces - they have the pair!

This is Queen Esther, by Edward Long.
It has always fascinated me!

Sculpture Hall, love it!!!!

English Card table, from 1815.
Stunning work

Deco pieces from Vienna
love the shapes and colour.

Eames, a classic piece!

Rodin's Balzac in the sculpture garden

And the cathedral ceiling in the great hall.
I have spent many a time sitting or laying and looking up and contemplating the world here!

And my faves from the Ian Potter Centre (eg Australian Art).

Bracks, Collins Street, 5pm
Always fascinated me!

Sidney Nolan - all of them!!!

Grace Cossington Smith's Crowd
Which reminds me of the Brack!

Another from Grace Cossington Smith
A familiar classic to everyone surely!

Margaret Preston
Mosmon Bay, tranquil and stunning

A dude called Gilbert
The sun and the earth
But it is so much more, isn't it!?!

Streeton, a rare portrait.
Isn't she lovely, I adore a great nude!

John Russell's Peonies makes me smile so very much, 
I simply adore this painting.

John Russell painting in France at the turn of the century, just stunning, very Impressionistic

Margaret Preston, Flannel Flowers
Possibly my favourite of the collection

Sidney Nolan, St Kilda
Say no more!!!

Whiteley's White Sacred Baboon
Perverse and crazy, that's the Brett we love!

Whiteley, Still life with cornflowers.
It's all about his blues, perfection!

Fabulous mix of totems

Fred Jampijinpa Jigili
look at the curves and the colour!

Emily Kam Kngwarray
Anwerlarr anganenty
(Big Yam Dreaming)
I am always mesmerised by this huge stunner.
Black and white, 
looks simple from afar until you get up close with it!
oh my!!

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